Clip in Extensions 50cm 220g – OxY Premium



Hair extensions, sometimes they fall flat – hard to wear and blend amongst your own hair. And then there are other times when your extensions seem thin and unhealthy at the ends. Oh, and we bet you’ve faced times when there’s simply not been enough hair to perfect your look. You’ve been there, right? This is right about where our 20 inch hair steps in – for volume and full length from top to bottom.

OxY Clip-In Remy Hair Extensions come complete with individual weft pieces for fast and easy placement. They are versatile enough for any look, on any given day, from the formal up’ do for that upcoming interview, to free, easy flowing curls for that wild girls’ night out.

Remy Clip-ins are double drawn at the weft, which guarantees that every last hair is of the same length – for a full look from root to tip. Each set features 220 grams of real human hair – as soft as it is startlingly shiny. Each hair strand follows the same direction, and are cut to the same length – for abundantly bouncy volume and hair that stays tangle-free no matter the weather.

As OxY Extensions are created from 100% human hair, you can style them just as you would your natural hair and with polymer-coated clips, your extensions stay firmly in place whilst being super kind to your own hair.


  • Haarlänge: 50 Zentimeter
  • Gewicht: 220 Gramm
  • Haartyp: 100% menschliches Remy Haar
  • Haarstil: Glatt
  • • Verwendung: Gelockt, Geglättet, sowie auch geföhnt und in normalem Zustand

Stückanzahl: 8

Jede Packung beinhaltet:

  • Eine (1) x 20 Zentimeter breite Haarverlängerung – (4 dazugehörige Clips)
  • Eine (1) x 17 Zentimeter breite Haarverlängerung – (4 dazugehörige Clips)
  • Zwei (2) x 15 Zentimeter breite Haarverlängerung – (2 dazugehörige Clips)
  • Zwei (2) x 10 Zentimeter breite Haarverlängerung – (2 dazugehörige Clips)
  • Zwei (2) x 2.5 Zentimeter breite Haarverlängerung – (1 dazugehöriger Clip)